2020-02-22  Tommy Svenssonprivacy policy master
2020-01-19  Tommy Svenssonupdate todo
2020-01-19  Tommy Svenssonremoved old password update
2020-01-19  Tommy Svenssoncleanup old password reset
2020-01-19  Tommy Svenssonpassword reset after email confirm
2020-01-19  Tommy Svenssoncleanup old register
2020-01-18  Tommy Svenssonset password
2020-01-18  Tommy Svenssonutf-8 for post
2020-01-18  Tommy Svenssonconfirm email with passcode
2020-01-18  Tommy Svenssonsend email
2020-01-17  Tommy Svenssonutf-8 i profile, enables ö in displayname
2020-01-10  Tommy Svenssonupdate display name at profile update
2020-01-10  Tommy Svenssonupdate user profile
2020-01-08  Tommy Svenssonreconnect ws onclose only
2020-01-08  Tommy Svenssonraceowner -> raceownderid for manage own races
2020-01-07  Tommy Svenssonrename finishtimes userid,user->user,reporter
2020-01-07  Tommy Svenssonraceowner userid->displayName in log
2020-01-07  Tommy Svenssonsend displayname at login
2020-01-06  Tommy Svenssonmenu without importing ws
2020-01-06  Tommy Svenssonshow joined/online users
2020-01-06  Tommy Svenssonemail -> userId + displayname
2020-01-04  Tommy Svenssonprofile/displayname to connection bean
2020-01-03  Tommy Svenssonuser/admin paths, use history.back
2020-01-03  Tommy Svenssonundo contextpath for loginfilter
2020-01-03  Tommy Svenssonuse .. in user/admin paths
2020-01-03  Tommy Svenssonuser/admin navigation use context path
2020-01-03  Tommy Svenssonhide passed races
2020-01-03  Tommy SvenssonAdd TODO
2020-01-02  Tommy Svenssonutf-8
2019-12-29  Tommy Svenssonsend race location
2019-12-28  Tommy Svenssonjoin in db only if race not yet joined
2019-12-28  Tommy Svenssondelete race start from db at cancel race
2019-12-28  Tommy Svenssonalways render Home on join race
2019-12-26  Tommy Svenssonlocation, time for races
2019-12-21  Tommy Svenssonfix raceowner id in Home
2019-12-21  Tommy Svenssonfix report other user, email/user switch
2019-12-20  Tommy Svenssonsend raceowner
2019-12-20  Tommy SvenssonLeave race
2019-12-19  Tommy SvenssonShow races in select race
2019-12-19  Tommy SvenssonList races at Home
2019-12-19  Tommy Svenssonshow start/stop for own races only
2019-12-19  Tommy Svenssonstart as json in db
2019-12-18  Tommy Svenssonsend race at login
2019-12-18  Tommy Svenssonstart from webapp
2019-12-18  Tommy Svenssonstore owner at race create
2019-12-18  Tommy Svenssonclear only current race finish times, at new start
2019-12-18  Tommy Svenssonraceid for result
2019-12-17  Tommy Svenssonstart race with id
2019-12-17  Tommy Svenssonfix online user
2019-12-17  Tommy Svenssonshow connected users in webapp
2019-12-17  Tommy Svenssonfix joinrace raceid
2019-12-17  Tommy Svenssonsend to current race only
2019-12-16  Tommy Svenssonsend user online status
2019-12-16  Tommy Svenssonsend joined users at connect
2019-12-15  Tommy Svenssonlist races as json as login responese for app
2019-12-14  Tommy Svenssonwebsocket login with raceid
2019-12-14  Tommy Svenssonlist joined races on home page
2019-12-14  Tommy SvenssonJoin Race
2019-12-14  Tommy SvenssonCreate and list races
2019-12-14  Tommy SvenssonFix links after home page
2019-12-14  Tommy SvenssonHome page after login
2019-12-14  Tommy SvenssonLog keepalive as finer
2019-12-14  Tommy Svenssonfinish message inckude reporting user
2019-12-14  Tommy SvenssonReporting user
2019-12-01  Tommy Svensson MHandle keepAlive
2019-11-30  Tommy Svensson Mallow all users to start/stop race
2019-11-30  Tommy Svenssonremove åö from startpatterns
2019-05-26  Tommy SvenssonLog to screen before websocket send
2019-05-26  Tommy SvenssonStore Finish/Retire time in client
2019-05-26  Tommy SvenssonAllow only tommy to start/cancel race
2018-09-02  Tommy SvenssonDon't log acks
2018-09-02  Tommy SvenssonDon't start race without session
2018-06-06  Tommy SvenssonAlways show time
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonReadme format
2018-03-24  Tommy
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonMoved README.html
2018-03-24  Tommy Svenssonadd readme.html
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonAdd change password
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonBCrypt from maven dependency
2018-03-24  Tommy Svenssonconvert to maven project
2018-03-18  Tommy Svenssondb retry + error logging
2018-03-18  Tommy Svenssonalways new db connection
2018-03-17  Tommy SvenssonRead servlet settings once
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonclear result at cancel race
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssoncancel race from menu
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonremoved syso db connection
2018-03-17  Tommy SvenssonShow results from db
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonsave finish time to db
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonstore email as username for tomcat sessions
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssoncancel race
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonalign message sending
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonregister with websocket connection bean
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonipad sleep fix
2018-03-11  Tommy SvenssoniPad fixes
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonfix finish/retire text time
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonfix header in ipad/browse
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonlog finish/retire to race log
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonfixed header
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonconnected users dropdown
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonshow connected user count