2019-05-26  Tommy SvenssonLog to screen before websocket send master
2019-05-26  Tommy SvenssonStore Finish/Retire time in client
2019-05-26  Tommy SvenssonAllow only tommy to start/cancel race
2018-09-02  Tommy SvenssonDon't log acks
2018-09-02  Tommy SvenssonDon't start race without session
2018-06-06  Tommy SvenssonAlways show time
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonReadme format
2018-03-24  Tommy
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonMoved README.html
2018-03-24  Tommy Svenssonadd readme.html
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonAdd change password
2018-03-24  Tommy SvenssonBCrypt from maven dependency
2018-03-24  Tommy Svenssonconvert to maven project
2018-03-18  Tommy Svenssondb retry + error logging
2018-03-18  Tommy Svenssonalways new db connection
2018-03-17  Tommy SvenssonRead servlet settings once
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonclear result at cancel race
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssoncancel race from menu
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonremoved syso db connection
2018-03-17  Tommy SvenssonShow results from db
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonsave finish time to db
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonstore email as username for tomcat sessions
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssoncancel race
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonalign message sending
2018-03-17  Tommy Svenssonregister with websocket connection bean
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonipad sleep fix
2018-03-11  Tommy SvenssoniPad fixes
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonfix finish/retire text time
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonfix header in ipad/browse
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonlog finish/retire to race log
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonfixed header
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonconnected users dropdown
2018-03-11  Tommy Svenssonshow connected user count
2018-03-10  Tommy Svenssondropdown meny, toggle debug for start fixed
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonseparate finish time
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonadjusted client time in header
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonbold log headings
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonbtn-lg
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonremove , in connected message
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonremove unused sendTime(session)
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonexclude formatted time from servertime
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonformatted time in all server messages
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonsplit client logs
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonfix missing space, deregister message
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonfix deregister messages
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonfix deregister try/catch
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonfix login log
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonfix clienttime
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonlogin, force logout improved
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonwebsocket login/log updated
2018-03-09  Tommy Svenssonsend time and start on connect only to connecting client
2018-03-07  Tommy Svenssontime in finish/retire
2018-03-07  Tommy Svenssoncenter time + margin-bottom
2018-03-07  Tommy Svenssonsmall logout in top right corner
2018-03-07  Tommy Svenssonsend/relay finish/retire
2018-03-06  Tommy Svenssonfix autolog logout
2018-03-06  Tommy Svenssonclient log out at new login
2018-03-06  Tommy Svenssonstore start and resend at logins
2018-03-04  Tommy Svenssonbigger signalflags, remove duplicate sessions from...
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonfix start patten två starter
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonsyntax fix
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonparse start pattern json fix
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonjson as object to allow nested json
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonremoved race state times debug logging
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssoncalc start state times on server before when sending...
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonfine SND log from Manager
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssontype ack, fine logging SND/REC
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssondo nothing for type ack
2018-03-03  Tommy Svenssonlog stacktrace on error
2018-02-27  Tommy Svenssonbutton to enable debug info, hide if disabled
2018-02-26  Tommy Svenssonfade non-active signals
2018-02-26  Tommy Svenssonupdate start pattern descriptions
2018-02-26  Tommy Svenssonstart race with fetch and no session
2018-02-26  Tommy SvenssonSend start
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonremove html base
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonrequest race start
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonclear log
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonlog user-agent to server log, not client log
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonshow server time from adjusted clienttime
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonlogin/ack, time offset update
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonregister and send from manager
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssoncleanup connect log
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonlog remote ip + user agent
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssoncss for log style
2018-02-25   <tommy@orvar... ignore setting.xml
2018-02-25  Tommy Svenssonstart-patterns + signal flags from
2018-02-25  Tommy SvenssonTimestamp in client log
2018-02-24  Tommy Svenssonwss fix
2018-02-24  Tommy Svenssonsend time when receiving email
2018-02-24  Tommy Svenssonbuild websocket address
2018-02-24  Tommy SvenssonWebsocket and initial Home screen
2018-02-23  Tommy SvenssonStart new session from LoginServlet
2018-02-23  Tommy SvenssonAdd eclipse project
2018-02-23  Tommy SvenssonRegister and Login